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Your Catonsville Dentist: Benefits of Waterlase Dentistry

Monday, December 22nd, 2014

Waterlase DentistAt Affinity Dental we know just how intimidating a surgical visit to the dentist can seem. No matter how comfortable you are with your dental practitioner, the idea of having your teeth go under the drill is just plain frightening to some people. That’s why we’re pushing harder than ever before to offer all our Catonsville patients the benefits of Waterlase dentistry. Read on to find out more about this exciting new technology!

Increased Comfort

The most common causes of pain while undergoing dental surgery are the heat, pressure, and vibration caused by the dental drill. By using a Waterlase laser, the Catonsville dentists at Affinity Dental can cut through hard and soft tissue without generating any of the aforementioned forces. The means that dental surgery can now be done with far fewer shots and anesthesia. Using a Waterlase also decreases the likelihood and amount of post-operative bleeding and pain.

Unmatched Precision

Using a Waterlase, your Catonsville dentist can swiftly remove decayed tooth enamel, bone, and infected gum tissue with incredible precision, keeping healthy tissue and tooth structure completely intact. Additionally, powerful dental drills have the capability to create small, hairline fractures in your teeth which might eventually cause future oral health issues. Because of Waterlase dentistry’s precision and gentleness this possibility is greatly reduced.

Better Fillings

If your Catonsville Dentist uses a Waterlase during cavity preparations, the bond between the implanted or restored tooth and your natural tooth structure will be much stronger, giving you fillings that last much longer.

Less Visits

Even though we like to see you we know it’s hard to really want to see us, and the good news is that Waterlase dentistry leads to less visits to our office. Because there’s little to no need for shots or anesthesia with Waterlase dentistry, we can perform cavity preparation for your whole mouth in a single visit, and perform more delicate procedures that would previously have been farmed out to specialists.

Need Waterlase Dentistry?

If you’re looking for a Catonsville dentist with access and expertise in Waterlase dentistry then call Affinity Dental. At Affinity Dental we strive to provide our patients with the personal, professional, quality dental care they need, while making it convenient, painless, and affordable. We offer morning, evening, and weekend hours to accommodate our patients and provide access to care to fit your busy schedule.

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Do You Need Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

wisdom toothHaving a wisdom tooth pulled is far from unusual, most people in their late teens or early twenties have considered the procedure at some point. Despite the universality of the practice, it’s not necessary for everyone. Many people live their entire lives without losing a tooth. Maryland’s best dentistry, Affinity Dental, is here with indicators that may signal that you need to have wisdom tooth removal performed.

No Room For Your Teeth

It may be odd to think about, but the human mouth typically has enough space for exactly 28 teeth, which is the precise number of teeth you have as a child. The problem arises when adult and wisdom teeth start to pop in, which brings the tooth total up to a resounding 32. This overcrowding can potentially cause a wisdom tooth to become impacted, which stops them from correctly emerging, and will cause you a lot of pain. This calls for swift wisdom tooth removal from your Maryland dentist.

Chronic Pain

If you find yourself subject to chronic oral pain, particularly in the area of your gum line around a wisdom tooth, it’s possible that the wisdom tooth has become infected. This is usually caused by partial wisdom teeth eruption. If bacteria or food particles slip into these areas you may develop a painful infection known as pericoronitis. If you suspect this has happened, contact your Maryland dentist for wisdom tooth removal and disinfection immediately.

Improperly Aligned Wisdom Teeth

Occasionally wisdom teeth can fully erupt but emerge at an uncomfortable angle, which can push nearby teeth out of their correct position, given enough time, possibly causing irreversible tooth damage. If a wisdom tooth erupts sideways, you should call your Maryland dentist ASAP to have that wisdom tooth removed.

Wisdom Teeth Cysts

Sometimes, a sac near a wisdom tooth will fill with fluid and develop into a painful cyst. Cysts have to capability to destroy nearby teeth, tooth roots, and even the jawbone itself. If left untreated, a cyst could metastasize into a tumor which can only be dealt with by extreme surgical intervention from a Maryland dentist.

Do You Need A Wisdom Tooth Removed?

Call Affinity Dental. Affinity Dental’s team of experienced and highly personable dentists have the technology and skill necessary to remove a wisdom tooth quickly, effectively, and painlessly. Affinity Dental is dedicated to providing Maryland with the best dental service and wisdom tooth removal. We offer morning, evening, and weekend hours to accommodate our patients and provide access to care to fit your busy schedule. We’re trained and equipped to tackle any dental problem you have, from routine cleaning to advanced oral surgery.

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