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Facts You Need to Know About Your Baby’s Milk Teeth

Thursday, February 25th, 2016
blue eyed baby milk teeth

Baby’s milk teeth require immediate attention and care upon their initial breakthrough, to minimize the chance of cavities and decay.

How much do you know about your baby’s teeth? Affinity Dental is here with some further information about pediatric dentistry to help you better understand your baby’s “milk teeth.” (more…)

Oral Health: The Dangers of Chewing Ice

Friday, February 19th, 2016
chewing ice oral health

Chewing ice may seem harmless at first, but it can deteriorate your oral health and leave you with an unruly addiction!

Are you guilty of chewing ice? If there are a few cubes at the bottom of an empty cup, or you are sweating on a hot summer day – you might find yourself mindlessly chewing ice. Chewing ice is never healthy for your teeth, but if you only do it occasionally you aren’t likely to see any negative long-term effects. However, some people can develop an incessant addition to ice chewing. This habit causes horribly negative effects on your oral health. Affinity Dental is here to elaborate on the dangers of chewing ice. (more…)

Show Your Crooked Teeth Some Love This Valentine’s Day

Thursday, February 11th, 2016

Have crooked teeth? Stains? An unruly gap? LUMINEERS® can help you fall in love with your smile all over again!

Are you feeling self-conscious about your smile? Do you practice great oral hygiene but think the visual appearance of your teeth is hindering your confidence and daily life? This Valentine’s Day, put your best smile forward and show your discolored or crooked teeth some love with LUMINEERS®! Allow Affinity Dental to explain. (more…)

Thirsty? Find Out How Soda Rots Your Teeth

Sunday, February 7th, 2016
soda rots teeth affinity dental

Before caving in next time your child demands soda, remind them that soda rots your teeth! Learn about how soda leads to tooth decay, cavities and more.

You are likely aware that soda is associated with negative health benefits – but did you know the extent of damage they can do to your teeth? Soda and carbonated beverages can cause decay, rotting your teeth. So before you cave and let your child have that soda with dinner or grab another can from the fridge, let Affinity Dental review how soda rots your teeth. (more…)

5 Teeth Whitening Methods For a Whiter Smile

Monday, February 1st, 2016
teeth whitening in maryland

Don’t live with embarrassing discolored teeth. Review 5 teeth whitening methods that will improve your pride in your smile!

At Affinity Dental, we understand that you take pride in your smile. We also understand that certain factors can make the idea of being proud about your smile feel impossible – things like discolored teeth, stains and bad breath. If you are living with the embarrassment of discolored teeth, you should know your options for a solution. Let’s talk about teeth whitening in Maryland.