The Benefits of Alcohol Free Mouthwash

alcohol free mouthwash

An alcohol free mouthwash will help you avoid issues with dry mouth.

Mouthwash can be highly beneficial to your daily oral hygiene routine. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends various types of mouthwashes for therapeutic reasons. It’s a good idea to find a product that will be the most effective at meeting your personal dental needs. So why go alcohol free? Here’s a quick breakdown of why you might want to use an alcohol free mouthwash.

Alcohol Free Mouthwash

Most over the counter mouthrinses contain alcohol, specifically ethanol. Alcohol causes the burning sensation, unpleasant taste, and bouts of dryness in the mouth that many people experience when using a mouthwash. You may want to use an alcohol free mouthwash to avoid aggravating conditions like burning mouth syndrome or xerostomia (dry mouth). Alcohol free mouthwash is also particularly helpful for people with a history of alcohol abuse. Studies have also suggested that alcohol free mouthwashes leave a better finish, color, and hardness on the wear of your tooth’s composite compared to mouthwash with alcohol.

Preserve Natural Saliva Balance

Saliva acts as a lubricant and prevents food from sticking to our teeth and gums. It also helps move food from the mouth down to the esophagus. Alcohol reduces the saliva in the mouth, which can cause dry mouth and poor health. A dryer mouth increases bacterial growth and will therefore result in more teeth decay.

Reduces Risk of Oral Cancers

Alcohol based mouthwashes have been linked to oral cancer in some studies. While the data is not conclusive, research shows that chronic alcohol consumption and oral cancer are definitely tied to one another. Using an alcohol free mouthwash can’t hurt in the fight against oral cancer.


Children, diabetics, people with an alcohol addiction or religious prohibitions, and people undergoing chemotherapy or similar conditions cannot use alcoholic mouthwashes. 4000 children are admitted each year to emergency rooms due to an alcohol poisoning caused by mouthwash. Alcohol free mouthwash, on the other hand, can be used safely by all people.

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