Oral Health: The Dangers of Chewing Ice

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Chewing ice may seem harmless at first, but it can deteriorate your oral health and leave you with an unruly addiction!

Are you guilty of chewing ice? If there are a few cubes at the bottom of an empty cup, or you are sweating on a hot summer day – you might find yourself mindlessly chewing ice. Chewing ice is never healthy for your teeth, but if you only do it occasionally you aren’t likely to see any negative long-term effects. However, some people can develop an incessant addition to ice chewing. This habit causes horribly negative effects on your oral health. Affinity Dental is here to elaborate on the dangers of chewing ice.

Think Twice Before You Chew Ice!

Compulsive ice chewing leads to tooth sensitivity, weakened enamel, sore jaws and more. When you think of ice on the road, you associate it with danger. Realistically, you should associate chewing ice in your mouth with serious danger as well. While you might not think of small cubes of ice as that “strong,” is it well within their capabilities to chip or crack your teeth. It can also agitate previous dental work like fillings or make your jaws sore. You also put yourself at a higher risk for cavities.

Ice Chewing Addiction 101

Do you have an intense, unexplainable urge to chew on ice frequently? Unfortunately, you are not alone. Why are you plagued with this addiction? There could be several different factors to blame. For example, people with severe anemia have been reported to pick up this habit more than the average person. People with nutrient deficiencies also tend to chew ice, while there is no nutritional value in doing so. Some people use “burning mouth syndrome” as means to justify their compulsive ice chewing, insisting that ice soothes an uncomfortable burning or tingling sensation in the mouth and tongue.

How to Stop Chewing Ice

If it is difficult for you to ward off the urge to chew ice, you should consider seeing a doctor and getting evaluated for anemia. Oftentimes, if you receive proper treatment for your anemia, the cravings will fade or disappear. If you are chewing ice in an attempt to satisfy an oral fixation or keep yourself from craving something like nicotine, consider drinking fruit drinks or chewing sugar free gum instead. If you really don’t see yourself kicking the habit, at least consider switching to slushed ice instead of cubes. This will help minimize the impact and damage on your oral health.

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