Are Braces Right for My Child?


Many parents are unsure when is right to consider braces for their child.

Most people aren’t born with perfect smiles. In fact, about 90 percent of children will experience overcrowding teeth. While milder cases may not require treatment, those with severe crowding will want to contact their dental specialist. Serious overcrowding can have a negative impact on your child’s smile, increasing their chances of decay and gum disease since it’s harder to thoroughly brush those areas. As permanent teeth come in some children may develop problematic bites. Open bites and overbites can easily be corrected by realigning the jaw with braces. Underbites and cross bites are less common, but also can be treated with orthodontics.

Benefits of Braces at a Young Age

Although many parents take their children to an orthodontics clinic for strictly aesthetic reasons, there are other benefits to wearing braces. Having straight teeth allows your child to eat and speak more effectively. Because they are easier to clean, straight teeth are less likely to decay. They also reduce the pressure on gum tissues, and improve overall oral health. Addressing malocclusion earlier in life makes it much easier to correct, and the effects of improved self-confidence can make a dramatic impact on your child’s social life and emotional well-being.

Brushing Teeth with Braces

Kids with braces must take extra care cleaning their teeth and may need to adjust specifically the way and how often they brush their teeth. It is extremely important for a child with braces to brush their teeth after every meal. Brushing 4 times a day, even, is a great way to keep food particles and plaque from building up in the braces and teeth. It is also recommended to brush the teeth for several minutes during every cleaning. A toothbrush should be replaced more often for kids with braces, specifically right when the bristles start to fray or wear down, and improper care can cause braces brackets to break, delaying the repairs braces are meant to help with and incurring additional financial burden on you for having to replace the brackets.

Keep Your Smile Healthy with Affinity

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