How To Reduce Braces Pain

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Are you experiencing pain from your braces? Here are a few simple remedies to help soothe swelling or inflammation.

While braces are extremely important for creating a beautiful and healthy smile, they can be uncomfortable and at times, painful. The good news is that braces pain is usually temporary and can be treated with a few simple methods.

Ice Pack Or Cold Food

If you are experiencing swelling or inflammation due to having your braces tightened, try applying ice to your gums. Ice works in your mouth just as it does for any other body part, and can provide great pain relief. Whether it’s in the form of an ice pack or ice cream, applying something cold to your gums and teeth helps reduce braces pain.

Salt Water

If you’ve ever had a cold sore, you know that salt water is ideal for reducing the irritation. Sores can develop on the cheeks or gums due to the braces but often go away after they adapt to the new wires. In the meantime, gargling with warm salt water for about a minutes helps to reduce the irritation from sores.

Gum Massage

Once again, just like any other part of the body, a massage is great for relieving tension and pain. You can massage your gums with your fingers- just be sure to wash your hands before and after each massage. This will help relax the tissue of newly tightened braces and provide much need pain relief.

Mouth Guard

While mouth guards should always be worn when playing sports or participating in physical activities- especially for those with braces- they can also be worn anytime to protect the soft tissues of your mouth from the braces. If your brackets or wires are causing sores, a mouth guard can help to reduce the discomfort.

Frozen Teething Rings

Frozen teething rings are mainly used for teething babies, but there’s nothing wrong with using them for dealing with braces pain! The rings are most effective when frozen, as the cold helps to alleviate sore areas. They are also helpful when you feel as though you need to chew something for pain relief on your teeth.

Heating Pad

If the pain is affecting your jaw rather than your gums, you’ll want to apply heat instead of ice. A heating pad or warm washcloth can be molded to apply warmth to the areas you need relief the most and will be helpful when used a few times a day.

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