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Is a Revolution in Dentistry Coming?

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

new dentistryModern dentistry has certainly come a long way. There was a time when if there was something wrong with a tooth, you pulled it and that was that. Today, we can fix most oral health problems with some fairly easy techniques. We use fillings, crowns, do root canals, and even have clear braces to straighten teeth out. The world of medicine is always evolving; dentistry is no exception. King’s College in London recently made an announcement that there is a new technique that might be able to give dentist’s the ability to fully heal a tooth instead of just using temporary fixes – this is truly revolutionary in the world of dentistry.

The loss of mineral on a tooth is the reason that cavities develop. Sugars and acids are the biggest culprits in breaking down these minerals and causing a tooth to decay away. Most times, the saliva in your mouth will help to replace the minerals, but it doesn’t always work that way, especially when people don’t brush and floss properly. You’ve probably used fluoride for a long time but don’t actually know what it does. Fluoride helps to add minerals to your teeth and strengthen them. It’s a pretty great mineral, but it doesn’t always do the job either.

What King’s College in London is looking at is a device that will help electrically regenerate minerals in the teeth. The tooth will essentially rebuild itself and become healthy again, rather than simply being “fixed” every time something is wrong with it. The device uses a “tiny electric current to ‘push’ minerals into the tooth to repair the damaged site, in essence reversing the decay.” The process is something that is entirely new, but based on old principles of teeth repairing themselves on much smaller scale. This specific technology isn’t ready yet. There’s still some refining to do (and a lot of testing) before it becomes something that many dentists use in their practices. It does show a lot of promise as a new way of healing teeth that have formed cavities.

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Source: LA Times