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Protect Your Teeth From Bruxism and Seasonal Stress Grinding

Thursday, November 19th, 2020
bruxism seasonal stress grinding

Is seasonal stress grinding your teeth down? Don’t let bruxism damage your teeth permanently.

The holiday season will create a significant amount of stress for individuals over the next two months. While this time can have many enjoyable elements, the stress produced by gift-buying, school assignments, work projects, family, and more can all contribute to bruxism. What is bruxism? This is the condition in which you clench and grind your teeth throughout the day and night. This clenching and grinding can become disruptive and lead to body pain and tooth sensitivity. If you believe you suffer from bruxism, read on to learn more about the symptoms and treatments, and schedule a consultation with your dentist as soon as possible. (more…)

Tips for Preventing Halloween Cavities

Thursday, October 29th, 2020
avoid halloween cavities

Learn how to avoid the candy that causes Halloween cavities.

Halloween is a great time to have some fun, especially if you have a sweet tooth. Both children and adults can indulge in a variety of candy, but what isn’t so fun is visiting your dentist and finding you’ve developed new cavities! Fortunately, there are a few methods you can use to prevent kids from developing Halloween cavities.  (more…)

The Components of Daily Dental Care

Thursday, October 15th, 2020
daily dental care

There are a few components that make up the recommended daily dental care routine.

Everyone wants to do what they can to keep their teeth healthy and strong. However, we may not always know what the best method is for doing that. How many times should we brush our teeth each day? What about flossing and using mouthwash? Read on to learn the recommended components of a daily rental routine.  (more…)

3 Ways to Treat Sensitive Teeth While on a Budget

Friday, October 9th, 2020
how to treat sensitive teeth

You can treat sensitive teeth affordably with specialty toothpaste.

When you are budgeting for your health, you should never forget to budget for proper oral care. This includes factoring in routine checkups, as well as any daily care items you will need. If you want to treat sensitive teeth while staying within a modest budget, there are a few things you can do to take care of your pearly whites.  (more…)

5 Tips for Family Dental Care

Thursday, September 17th, 2020
family dental care

Investing in family dental care from the beginning will give your children excellent health habits.

Keeping your family’s teeth and gums healthy can feel like a full-time job. But if you start early, you can set a good example for your children while teaching them excellent life habits. Better yet, practicing regular and healthy family dental care can prevent future expenses related to fillings, gum disease, and chipped teeth. By following the tips below, you can ensure that your entire family maintains healthy oral care for years into the future.  (more…)

How to Carefully Store Your Family Toothbrushes

Thursday, August 27th, 2020
storing family toothbrushes

Learn how you can best store your family toothbrushes while keeping them clean.

Your toothbrush is your first defense against tooth decay and gingivitis, so it is critical to take care of this dental tool and store it carefully in your bathroom. Safe storage for your family toothbrushes isn’t too difficult, but you must also be mindful of avoiding germs and contaminants that may threaten your brushes’ cleanliness. Read on for a few critical tips that will help you find the perfect placement for your family toothbrushes.  (more…)

Why You Should Address Your Toothache Immediately

Wednesday, August 5th, 2020
reasons to address your toothache immediately

Address your toothache right away to prevent more serious dental problems.

Toothaches can come in various forms, but one thing’s for certain that a toothache can easily disrupt your life. However, some people who may be opposed to scheduling a dentist appointment for a toothache in the hopes it will just “go away,” can benefit from treating their achy teeth. No matter what form a toothache takes—either cold sensitivity or throbbing pain—you should always immediately address your toothache. If you don’t, the problem may get significantly worse. Read on to learn how scheduling a dentist appointment today can relieve you of future pains.  (more…)

What 4 Types of Tooth Pain Might Mean

Wednesday, July 1st, 2020
different types of tooth pain

Learn the potential causes of several types of tooth pain.

Tooth pain can quickly become unbearable and become a daily distraction. This pain can become even worse when you don’t know what is causing it, and if you don’t know what causes your pain, you won’t know how to fix it. Tooth pain does not always feel the same, however. If you are experiencing any of the following types of tooth pain, there may be specific causes behind each. Read on to determine which reason might be the most probable for your uncomfortable tooth pain.  (more…)

How to Treat Temperature-Sensitive Teeth

Wednesday, June 24th, 2020
how to help temperature-sensitive teeth

Learn how you can help your temperature-sensitive teeth.

When your protective tooth enamel wears down, the layer of dentin underneath is exposed. Dentin can also become exposed on the surface of a tooth root once the gums start receding. Each tubule that makes up dentin is connected to a nerve ending within the center of the tooth, and they are incredibly sensitive. When hot or cold stimuli touch these exposed tubules, they create a pain response in our teeth. The best way to prevent temperature-sensitive teeth is to do what you can to keep enamel strong and gums healthy. If you already have sensitive teeth, there are also a few things you can do to alleviate your discomfort. The four methods below can help temperature-sensitive teeth.  (more…)

How to Clean Your Tongue to Avoid Bad Breath

Wednesday, April 8th, 2020
clean your tongue with tongue scraper

You can clean your tongue with a tongue scraper for a thorough cleaning.

Even if you follow your dentist’s recommendations and brush twice a day and after meals, you may still suffer from halitosis or bad breath if you don’t clean your tongue often enough. Your tongue is a significant part of your dental health, so it is important to care for it as much as you do your teeth and gums. Read on to learn the best ways to clean your tongue and avoid lingering bad breath.  (more…)