Cavities And Fillings 101

 Learn all about cavities and fillings!

Learn all about cavities and fillings!

No one wants to hear their dentist say that they have a cavity, but most people will get at least one cavity in their lives. When you think of cavities, you probably think of fillings- but do you know what fillings are and what they do? Fillings have a bad reputation for being painful, but they are nothing to be afraid of! Continue reading to learn the truth about cavities and fillings and why it’s crucial to get a cavity filled as soon as possible.

What Do Fillings Do?

A cavity is a hole left behind after tooth decay destroys part of your tooth. The cavity contains bacteria, and if it is left untreated, the decay will spread and damage the entire tooth. That is why dentists will fill a cavity as soon as possible, as they clean away the decay to prevent further damage. Removing the decay is only the first step, as it doesn’t fix the damage to your tooth- that is where fillings come in!

Fillings are made from composite resin, silver amalgam, or glass ionomer, and work to replace the part of your tooth that was destroyed by tooth decay. Your dentist will mold them to match the shape of the surrounding tooth, and the filling will restore the strength of the tooth to prevent decay from re-entering. Fillings are crucial for restoring your tooth effectively, and today’s composite fillings can even match your tooth’s color, so it is less noticeable.

How Dentists Insert Fillings

You may have heard some scary things about fillings, but the process is quite simple and easy! First, your dentist will numb the tooth to make sure you don’t feel any pain, and your gums and jaw around the tooth will also feel numb. The dentist will always confirm that the area is numb before proceeding with a dental drill to remove the decay. Once it is removed, they will place the filling. The method depends on the type of filling you’re getting, but the most commonly used filling is called composite resin. They are very durable, and with proper oral care and hygiene, they can last up to 15 years!

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