How Did a Cavity Just Appear?!


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Do you feel yourself getting a cavity?

It can seem inevitable. Even when you’ve been following all of your dentist’s recommendations – brushing twice a day, flossing, gargling and scheduling routine cleaning appointments – a day comes when you know you have a cavity. You’ve been so careful – how did this happen? Believe it or not, there are a lot of reasons a cavity can manifest, apparently out of nowhere. More often than not, the smallest changes in your daily routine are to blame. Take a moment to consider your normal habits – diet, brushing style and design of toothbrush and gargle – and then examine of few of these possible causes. Believe it or not, seemingly unrelated changes in habit can negatively affect your oral hygiene and cause multiple cavities.

Physical Variables

There are small changes in your routine which, while may not seem to have extreme effects on your teeth and gums, can drastically alter your approach to oral hygiene without you really noticing it. For example, stress is a powerful agent in causing all sorts of negative effects throughout your body. Believe it or not, when stressed, you can suffer higher levels of dry mouth, which can soon lead to dehydration. On a more positive note, increased exercise is always a good idea, but can have the same negative effects without enough clean, plain water. Also, stress, depression and experimental diets often include period binges of foods that have a high sugar content. And alas, your surprise cavities!


Foods, Diet, and Medicine

Obviously, if your diet includes numerous candies, sweets and sodas, you can damage your oral hygiene even with the proper brushing and flossing regimen – the increase in sugar always has that heightened room for error. However – and this one is not always so obvious – keep an eye on any new medicines or cough drops that you’ve been recently using. Some over-the-counter medications do have a sugar content not normally considered, and certain types of throat drops can be as bad for your teeth as a lollipop! Keep an eye for “dextrose” on your medications – it’s another word for sugar …  which is another word for cavities.

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