Keeping an Eye on Cavities



Are you keeping an eyes on your cavities?

Cavities are not your friend. They are unsightly and can become quite painful if they aren’t tended to. Now, if you’re wondering how cavities can come about in the first place, then you should keep reading. We’re going to go over the causes and treatments for these invasive little issues today. Are you ready to learn more about cavities and what you can do to save your teeth? Let’s go for it.

So, how do cavities happen?

When you eat or drink a lot of sugary o aciding things, they can wear away at the enamel on your teeth. This wearing away has several stages of decay, but what you’re looking at is basically a cavity. Now, enamel can repair itself with healthy saliva or the fluoride from your toothpaste, but if things get out of hand then a cavity will form.

What can you do to stop this?

Brushing your teeth, rinsing with mouthwash, and regular dental checkups are all going to help you prevent and reverse cavities. So, make sure you’re keeping up with these things. Try to limit the amount of sugar you are exposing your teeth to. If you think that you have a serious cavity, then you need to get it filled. Your dentist can help figure out your best care plan, so don’t hesitate to set up and appointment.

Fight Cavities at Affinity Dental

Sometimes, regardless of how well you eat, or how hygienic you are you can still get a cavity. Some people have genetic predispositions that make them more vulnerable. Regular visits to your dentist are you final defense against cavities. The dentists on staff at Affinity Dental Associates have over 170 years of combined dental experience preventing, identifying, and treating cavities. If you think you might have a cavity, or just haven’t had a checkup in a long time call Affinity Dental. Affinity Dental is dedicated to providing Maryland with the best dental service and oral surgery practices in the state. We offer morning, evening, and weekend hours to accommodate our patients and provide access to care to fit your busy schedule. We’re trained and equipped to tackle any dental problem you have, from routine cleaning to prevent cavities, to advanced oral surgery.

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