The Benefits of Using a Family Dentist

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Discover the benefits that come with using a family dentist.

A family dentist can do many things to keep your family healthy. In addition to providing regular dental care, a family dentist also offers convenience. Instead of traveling to different dentists for each family member, you can schedule and attend appointments at the same office. In addition to providing your family with convenient care, your family dentist at Affinity Dental can offer several other appealing benefits. 

Dental Care Made Simple

A family dentist has the experience and knowledge to treat anyone in your family, from your young children to elderly parents. This means that every person doesn’t require their own dentist. You don’t need to set appointments at different clinics and keep track of those various appointments. 

Instead, you can make appointments for your family at one clinic and in one phone call. You can also stay with one dentist as your child grows, which helps your dentist keep track of your child’s dental progress. 

Family Dentists Are Versatile

Family dentists provide a wider range of services than general dentists, which is how they can treat patients of all ages. A family dentist can install braces for teens or design dentures for the elderly. They can also provide preventative treatments, dental cleanings, and cosmetic treatments. 

Building a Relationship Is Easier with a Family Dentist

It feels good to visit your dentist and have them be familiar with your entire family. Every household member will feel comfortable at that dentist’s office, and when they’re comfortable, they are more likely to express any concerns. Additionally, when a dentist treats an entire family, they can spot or track any dental issues that may run in that family. 

Track Dental History

It can be challenging to track a patient’s dental history when they are getting services from various dentists. When you have one dentist attending to someone’s dental needs, it is much easier to track dental history and notice patterns or progressions. 

Patients Can Set An Example for Their Children

When an entire family goes to the same family dentist, children have the chance to observe how their parents act at the dentist’s office. Just as children mirror their parents when learning how to brush and care for their teeth, they can also learn how to be good patients. When children see their parents receive dental cleanings without fear or anxiety, they can realize that the dentist isn’t something to fear. 

When you use a family dentist for your household, you benefit from all of these benefits, conveniences, and above all, consistent and dependable dental care. 

Keep Your Smile Healthy with Affinity

While these tips can help with some tooth and gum sensitivity issues, we know the best way of correcting the problem is to visit your dentist regularly. Affinity Dental, located in Catonsville, MD, has six dentists and provides a variety of services from pediatric dentistry to orthodontics. Affinity Dental is capable of meeting all your needs. With 170 combined years of treating a variety of dental needs, Affinity is committed to providing quality dental care. To get your teeth back into good health and make your smile bright, call us at 410-719-7900 or contact us online. For other useful tips on dental care follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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