Are Dental X-rays Safe For My Child?

Learn if dental X-rays are safe for your child.

Learn if dental X-rays are safe for your child.

X-rays are valuable tools to help dentists spot signs of tooth decay or disease, but you may be reluctant to expose your child to the radiation. A dentist will only use X-rays when it is necessary and has reason to suspect that your child may be at risk of tooth decay. Continue reading to learn when dental X-rays are safe for your child and how you can minimize the need for X-rays.

Reasons For X-Rays

As mentioned above, a dentist will only recommend X-rays after he or she reviews your child’s health history and completes an evaluation. However, there are many areas of the mouth that they can’t see, and an X-ray allows them to look under the gums or inside the teeth. Your child’s dentist may only suggest an X-ray if they need to determine the cause of oral swelling, find cavities between the teeth, evaluate injuries to the teeth, or look at impacted teeth.

Are X-Rays Safe?

You may have heard that X-rays expose children to radiation and are worried about the risks. However, The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry states that the amount of radiation a child will receive during a dental X-ray is extremely small. With new technology, today’s X-ray equipment allows dentists to focus the X-ray beam on target areas to reduce radiation exposure. Also, protective equipment is always used to keep children safe, such as lead body aprons and shields.

How To Minimize Need For X-Rays

Although dental X-rays are safe, you want to minimize the need for X-rays as much as possible! Since X-rays are mainly used on children at risk of tooth decay, if you help your child practice good oral health every day, they will not need X-rays often. Help your child brush their teeth twice a day with a cavity protection toothpaste, and ensure they have a healthy diet to keep their teeth strong and happy.

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