Dentures vs. Implants: Deciding Which Is Best For You

 Learn about the pros and cons of dentures and implants.

Learn about the pros and cons of dentures and implants.

When you are missing some (or all) of your teeth, dentists will typically recommend dentures or implants. Each treatment has its own set of pros and cons, so it’s important to know as much as you can before making the decision. After all, the dentist can make their recommendation, but the final choice is up to you! Learn about the differences between dentures and implants to help you decide which is right for you.


Dentures are molded to fit your mouth and are held in place with an adhesive. Most of the time, you will need to remove dentures and allow them to soak overnight for cleaning, then put them back in each morning. While there are plenty of good dentures out there, they will never feel completely like your real teeth. However, some people find that removing their teeth when needed is an advantage, and prefer the flexibility.

You may be a good candidate for dentures if your jaw is too weak to support dental implants.  However, it’s important to know that even the best denture adhesive doesn’t work all the time, and dentures can occasionally fall out. If you decide on dentures, be sure to choose the best quality brand, as you want your smile to look good and last a few years.


For those who would rather have a smile that looks and feels like real teeth, dental implants are the right choice! The implant post integrates with your jawbone to mimic the roots of your natural teeth. This is much better for your jawbone than traditional dentures. Dental implants should last a lifetime, and some dental offices provide a lifetime warranty on the implant. For this reason, implants are more expensive than dentures, but they will last longer and feel more natural in your mouth.


Implants and dentures can actually be used together to create overdentures. Overdentures use the latest in dental technology to make dentures feel more natural, as they clip on to your implants. Overdentures never slip since they are attached to a permanent implant, and make everyday activities more comfortable than traditional dentures.

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