The Common Warning Signs of Gingivitis

warning signs of gingivitis

Gum inflammation is one of the warning signs of gingivitis.

Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease and often has several warning signs. If you believe you are at risk for gingivitis or gum disease, be on the lookout for these five common warning signs so you can immediately consult with your dentist on how to prevent further teeth and gum damage. 

Gum Inflammation

If your gums are red, swollen, and sensitive to the touch, they are inflamed and could signal gingivitis. Gums become inflamed when the toxins released by plaque irritate the gum tissue. The toxins then build upon the gum line and lead to gingivitis. 

Teeth Appear Longer

If your teeth appear to be longer, that is because your gums are receding. Gum recession occurs for many people with gingivitis and indicates unhealthy gum tissue. 

A Pocket Between the Tooth and Gum 

You may notice that a pocket or area develops between the tooth and gum, or you may have noticed more than one of these areas in your mouth. If food particles fall into that pocket, bacteria can grow and irritate the gum tissue and cause infections. 

Bad Breath

Another common warning sign of gingivitis is chronic bad breath. Bad breath indicates poor dental care, and in some instances, your bad breath may even lead to a bad taste in the mouth. If you find you are suffering from chronic halitosis, consult your dentist as to what may be causing it. 

Pus Between the Tooth and Gum

If a thick, yellow fluid develops in the pocket between the tooth and gum, you likely have gum disease. The fluid or pus may swell and become painful if pressure builds between the tooth and gum. An infection in this pocket is what leads the pus to develop. The infection could be considered a periodontal abscess or a gum abscess. 

If you are suffering from one or more of the above symptoms, you should consult your dentist. Your dentist or dental hygienist will be able to correctly identify signs of gingivitis and recommend products to alleviate symptoms. 

Keep Your Smile Healthy with Affinity

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