Laser Dentistry 101


Are you familiar with what laser dentistry can offer you?

Technology has dramatically improved almost every industry, and with the field of dentistry, the improvements have been extreme. From advanced methods for preventing and even treating tooth decay, to reconstructive capabilities and much, much more, the dentistry industry of today is radically different from what it was even ten years ago. With that in mind, today, we’ll be talking about the world of laser dentistry. Laser technology is one area that has rapidly grown and advanced in all areas. In dentistry, in particular, lasers are allowing for dramatically improved services. 

What Can Lasers Treat? 

If you’re first thought when we say laser dentistry is to sci-fi, think again! Use of these focused light beams can be used primarily to remove or alter small amounts of tissue, like the gums. Often, lasers are used to help remove or reshape the gums in the case of issues. Lasers can also be used for teeth whitening and to treat children who may be afraid of other dentistry. Some examples of treatments include removing root canal infections, reducing gum inflammation, gum reshaping, exposing wisdom teeth, regenerating damaged nerves, and even the removing excess throat tissue that causes sleep apnea.   

What Are The Benefits?

Many dentists are turning to laser dentistry because of the impressive benefits the service can offer. To start, the process of laser is more controlled and smooth, which can help reduce patient discomfort and allow for better healing times. Other benefits include that there is less need for sutures, you may not need anesthesia, and there is less damage to the gums, reducing healing time. Laser surgery also allows for sterilization of the gums, making the potential for infection much lower. Last but not least, patients are less likely to lose blood. 

What To Expect 

If you’re considering a laser dentistry appointment, you may be wondering what to expect. Much of the process is the same, your mouth will be propped open, and you may need some anesthesia, although often there will be less. The biggest difference is that you will not feel vibrations or discomfort. Often, this helps to reduce the after-effects of dental work, and it helps to make the process less nerve-wracking for those who are nervous. 

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