4 New Year’s Resolutions for A Healthier Smile

Check out these four New Year’s resolutions you should put on your list for a healthier smile!

Check out these four New Year’s resolutions you should put on your list for a healthier smile!

When making your new year resolutions for 2019, don’t forget about your smile! Oral health is very important, and the beginning of a new year is perfect for a fresh start to care for your teeth. Continue reading for four New Year’s resolutions you should make this year to ensure your teeth are happy and healthy!

Commit To Flossing

Flossing should be at the top of your resolutions list, as it is something many of us forget to do. While brushing your teeth twice a day is a good start, flossing is the best way to prevent plaque build up on your teeth. The new year is the perfect time to break old habits and get into a new routine, so make an effort to floss every night!

Less Sugar

Oral health is not just about brushing and flossing; it’s also about the food and drink choices you make. Sugar has a direct effect on tooth decay, and cutting back on the amount of sugar you consume can have great benefits for your teeth. The next time you shop for food, look for sugar-free versions of your favorite drinks and treats, and keep a pack of sugar-free gum in your purse to help satisfy your cravings.

Teeth-friendly Foods

Once you cut out sugar from your diet, the next step is to focus on foods that help your teeth and make them strong. Drinking more milk or other dairy products may work for you, as calcium is very beneficial for teeth. Fibrous foods are also good choices, as they produce saliva and help to remove plaque and other food bits stuck in your teeth.

No Smoking

Smoking has various negative effects on health, including your oral health. Smoking doubles your risk for gum disease, as well as numerous other oral diseases. This new year, make the resolution to quit smoking for good. As you know, this is no easy task, but with determination and support, you will soon see the many benefits to your health and feel great about your decision!

Keep Your Smile Healthy with Affinity

While these tips can help with some tooth and gum sensitivity issues, we know the best way of correcting the problem is to visit your dentist regularly. Affinity Dental, located in Catonsville, MD, has six dentists and provides a variety of services from pediatric dentistry to orthodontics. Affinity Dental is capable of meeting all your needs. With 170 combined years of treating a variety of dental needs, Affinity is committed to providing quality dental care. To get your teeth back into good health and make your smile bright, call us at 410-719-7900 or contact us online. For other useful tips on dental care follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.


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