5 Tips for Family Dental Care

family dental care

Investing in family dental care from the beginning will give your children excellent health habits.

Keeping your family’s teeth and gums healthy can feel like a full-time job. But if you start early, you can set a good example for your children while teaching them excellent life habits. Better yet, practicing regular and healthy family dental care can prevent future expenses related to fillings, gum disease, and chipped teeth. By following the tips below, you can ensure that your entire family maintains healthy oral care for years into the future. 

Start Child Dental Care Early 

One in four children can develop signs of tooth decay before they even start school, and half of children between ages 12 and 15 have cavities. You can help prevent this in your children by starting them on a regular dental routine as soon as the first tooth appears. You can clean baby teeth with a very soft brush or a damp cloth. At about age two, you can supervise your child and teach them to brush their teeth. You don’t want to wait when it comes to dental care. 

Brush Twice a Day and Floss Daily 

Your family dental care depends on everyone following the same routines. Every family member should brush twice a day and floss daily. You can use electric toothbrushes, special brushes for braces, and more specialty items depending on individual needs. 

Prevent Teeth Damage

Children are very active in sports and recreational activities. Unfortunately, if teeth are not adequately protected, this activity could result in chipped or knocked-out teeth. Most sports teams require kids to wear mouth guards, but when your child participates in unsupervised activities, such as skateboarding, encourage them to wear a mouthguard. 

Eat Smart and Avoid Sugary Foods

At every age, a balanced diet is essential to healthy teeth. You can improve your family dental care by ensuring that your entire family is invested in eating healthy and avoiding sugary foods. Encouraging your children early to eat whole foods like grains, fruits, vegetables, and dairy products, at an early age will prevent them from getting hooked on sugary products that cause cavities. 

Make Regular Appointments 

Most experts recommend a dental checkup every six months. During your routine checkup, your dentist will remove plaque that you cannot brush away and look for signs of decay or disease. If your dentist spots any issues that need addressing, they can advise you on the best treatment right away. This keeps you from future pain and expenses for ignored dental issues. 

By creating healthy habits early and maintaining regular routines, you can help keep your family dental care strong and well-maintained. 

Keep Your Smile Healthy with Affinity

While these tips can help with some tooth and gum sensitivity issues, we know the best way of correcting the problem is to visit your dentist regularly. Affinity Dental, located in Catonsville, MD, has six dentists and provides a variety of services from pediatric dentistry to orthodontics. Affinity Dental is capable of meeting all your needs. With 170 combined years of treating a variety of dental needs, Affinity is committed to providing quality dental care. To get your teeth back into good health and make your smile bright, call us at 410-719-7900 or contact us online. For other useful tips on dental care follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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