Can Stress Affect My Oral Health?


Staying stress-free can have major benefits to your oral health.

These days it seems like stress is a constant topic of conversation. Some people accept stress

as a daily part of their life and accept the side effects of exhaustion and muscle pain but some
don’t realize the other negative effects of stress. Did you know that stress can have an effect on
your dental health? Today we are going to talk about some things that can happen to your oral
health when you are stressed and ways to offset it.

Lower Immune System
Your immune system is weakened in times of stress, this can increase your risk of oral
infections. Some people who experience dry mouth may be at risk of developing cavities during
times of stress and a weakened immune system. A common side effect of stress can also be
the development of canker sores, compromising your oral health and you are even more likely
to develop gum disease during difficult times.
Stress Grinding
Stress can contribute to teeth grinding, and jaw clenching. You may not realize it, but when you
are stressed you may clench your jaw habitually in reaction to stress. Teeth grinding, something
that usually happens during sleep, can wear down your teeth and can be indicative of stress. If
you find your teeth seem flatter or your jaw seems sore, you may have either of these problems.
TMD Symptoms Worsen
TMD is temporomandibular joint disorder is a disorder that affects the jaw joint and the
associated muscles that are used to move the jaw and neck. Stress can contributes to and
exacerbate the symptoms of TMD which include, jaw clenching, headache, jaw clicking and
popping and joint pain.
Staying Healthy in Bad Times
It is so important to try and keep your body in shape during times of stress. Keeping up healthy
eating, an exercise regime and healthy oral care habits is important at all times. remember that
your body is more vulnerable during stressful times, so it is imperative to care for yourself.
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