Can Swimming Cause Damage to Your Teeth?

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Swimming is a popular summer activity, but its common cleaning products can damage your smile!

Swimming is lots of fun and it’s a fantastic way to get exercise in the heat of the

summer months, but what effect does this have on your teeth? Unfortunately, the
chlorine used to keep the water clean can have some pretty negative effects on your

Your Teeth vs. Chlorine: The Struggle is Real
Chlorine is in our drinking water and swimming pools. It is an antimicrobial
chemical that is supposed to kill harmful bacteria that can occur in our world. You
might think that something as simple as doing a few laps in the pool could damage
your teeth. Unfortunately, that is not necessarily the case. No matter how much
effort you put into keeping your mouth closed, small amounts of water can still
occasionally come in. This risk is higher when there’s particularly strenuous activity
and you’re not really paying attention.
If the chlorine levels in the pool are too high, the pH falls to harmful levels. When
the acidic, chlorinated water gets on your teeth over time, it wears down your
enamel. Enamel erosion can cause discoloration and even sensitivity.
Protecting Your Teeth
You can’t really look at the water and tell what the pH level is, so how are you
supposed to know if it’s safe or not? Here are a couple of tips on how to figure out if
the water is safe or not:
 If you’re at a public pool somewhere, look at the liners, railings, and ladders.
If the pool water is too acidic, it will eat away at these surfaces. If you see
evidence of erosion, the water could do the same thing to your teeth that it
did to the pool. You may want to consider swimming elsewhere, such as a
(supervised) natural body of water. If you would like to know more
definitively, pH strips are pretty easy to purchase online or in a recreational
supply store.
 If you’re a homeowner with your own pool, you can maintain it yourself if
you’re careful. Check your pool’s pH level at least once a week. If it’s
financially possible, you should hire a professional to examine and test your
pool before you attempt to use it the first time.
Generally, regular brushing and cleanings, and using toothpaste formulated to
promote good enamel health can help your teeth stay strong against the negative
effects of chlorine.
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