Does Charcoal Toothpaste Really Work?

Chances are, you’ve seen in lurking in your Facebook news feed, autoplaying in advertisements on Instagram, and maybe even on your friend’s snapchat. It’s the latest trend that’s turning teeth (temporarily) black and some advertising agency’s wallet green. What are we talking about? Charcoal toothpaste! Is charcoal toothpaste actually an effective part of your dental hygiene routine?

Perfect Smile

In recent years, charcoal toothpaste has become a popular trend … but does it work?

Why Is It Popular?

As people increase their focus on the chemicals that they are putting in their bodies, the popularity of natural and seemingly-natural products has skyrocketed. Whether it’s henna hair dye, coconut oil smeared on as a moisturizer, or any other natural product, consumers are flocking to them in droves. Charcoal has gained popularity online as a form of natural tooth whitener and valuable part of a dental hygiene regimen.

What Is Activated Charcoal?

Unlike the hotdog-scented stuff sitting at the bottom of your grill, activated charcoal has been “activated” so that it has an increased ability to absorb. Beyond naturally absorbing toxins and chemicals from your body, it’s praised as a holistic alternative to many different body care products like face masks and teeth whiteners. Activated charcoal is fairly messy, since it’s just a black powder, and it will turn your teeth pitch black as you brush. So, is this trend all hype?

The Results After a Week

One tester used a mixture of activated charcoal and a very small amount of water. Brushing for about five minutes to get all of the black powder out of her mouth, she continued with this routine once a day for a whole week. Over the course of a week, she noticed no real change in the shade of her teeth. Unlike after using toothpaste, her mouth didn’t feel fresh or clean after brushing. Overall, brushing with activated charcoal had no net effect on the shade of her teeth or the health of her teeth, leaving this trend to eventually fade out like the rest.

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