How to Keep Your Teeth Sparkling this Summer

Dentist with Child

Good oral hygiene should be practiced all year, but here are a few tips for those summer months!

As we discussed last week, sweet treats during the summer can have damaging affects on your teeth. While it’s easy to overindulge during summer and it is tempting to let good oral health fall by the wayside, it’s actually the most important time to be diligent about oral health. Keep reading for some tips and tricks for you and your kids to practice good dental hygiene this summer.

Start A Habit

Especially in the case of your child it’s important remain consistent and fight against sugar damage at a young age. Some dentists suggest a good way to ensure a long enough brush time is to find a song that is approximately two minutes long and play it as you or your child brush your teeth. Brush through the full song, and you’ll be sure to give your teeth the thorough cleaning they need. Keep a calendar of flossing, rinsing and brushing to be aware of consistency. Often times with dental hygiene we think that we are doing more than we actually are; keep a calendar to be sure.

Be Healthy

Nutrition is essential to a healthy mouth. As we discussed last week, there are plenty of tricks to help reduce the damaging effects of sweet treats on your dental hygiene; however, it’s also important to only eat food like that in moderation. Leafy greens like spinach and lettuce aren’t just good for your waistline, they help to “scrub” your teeth and make them cleaner. While it’s important to maintain oral health on your own by eating well and brushing, visiting the dentist every six months for a deep cleaning is also an important part of staying healthy.

If your child has some anxiety about the dentist being an unhappy visit, make it fun by reinforcing the benefits of check ups and celebrating them. If your child is nervous, give them incentives to brush their teeth, bring their favorite comfort object with them and lead by example of joyfully eating healthy foods and going to the dentist.

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