When To Replace Your Toothbrush or Electric Toothbrush Head

Learn when to replace your toothbrush or toothbrush head.

Learn when to replace your toothbrush or toothbrush head.

We all know how important it is to brush our teeth every morning and night, but how often do you think about buying a new toothbrush or electric toothbrush head? If you can’t remember the last time you changed your toothbrush, there’s a good chance that you should replace it as soon as possible! Continue reading to learn when to replace your toothbrush and why it’s essential to your oral health.

Three Months

Many dental professionals recommend changing your toothbrush about every three to four months. This may seem like a short period of time to some, but if you are brushing your teeth twice a day as you should be, the bristles are bound to become frayed and worn down over time. After three months of constant use, the bristles will be less effective at keeping your teeth clean, as a new brush can remove more plaque. Children may tend to brush more rigorously than adults when they are starting to get the hang of brushing their own teeth, so they may need their toothbrushes replaced more often.

When You’re Sick

In addition to changing your toothbrush or brush head every three to four months, you should also replace it after you’ve been sick. Toothbrush bristles don’t kill the bacteria in the mouth, and the germs can stay on the toothbrush once your sickness passes and you’re feeling better. This is especially important if your toothbrush is stored close to other brushes, as the bacteria and germs may transfer over.

Maintaining Your Toothbrush

Whether you use a regular or electric toothbrush, it’s crucial that you keep it clean! The American Dental Association recommends rinsing the toothbrush with water after every use to remove remaining toothpaste and saliva. Then, store the toothbrush in a vertical position, such as in a cup or toothbrush holder, to allow the bristles to dry. While some electric toothbrushes come with plastic containers to place around the bristles, it’s actually best to let them air dry. When traveling, your toothbrush may be exposed to more germs, so it’s best to use a disposable toothbrush during your trip. 

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