Is Summer BBQ Food Bad for Your Teeth?

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Summer foods are delicious, but which ones are bad for your smile?

Memorial Day weekend is here and it means a couple things—hitting the pool or the

beach to enjoy the warm weather, spending time with family and friends, and
enjoying plate after plate of delicious summer BBQ food. If you love summer BBQ
food but hate long appointments in the dentist’s chair, it can be difficult to know
which sides to stay away from. So, here is the definitive answer to the age old
question, is summer BBQ food bad for your teeth?

Fruit Juices
The fruit juices that are commonly used as mixers and sweet kid-friendly drinks are
not the best things in the world for your teeth. Since fruit is made of sugar, juice
gives you all of the sugar of fruit without any of the fiber or chewing that helps to
clean your teeth. Even worse, your teeth can’t tell fruit sugar from other types of
sugar, so it contributes to decay all the same. Instead of using a sugary mixer or
drink, opt for water, slices of citrus fruit, or seltzer water.
Barbecue Sauce
Unfortunately, barbecue sauce is a surprise offender when it comes to maintaining
optimal oral health. Barbecue sauce is packed with two tooth-hating ingredients:
sugar and vinegar. Sugar gives fuel to the bacteria living in your mouth and can
contribute to accelerated levels of tooth decay. Vinegar is acidic, so it will damage
your tooth enamel (which you can’t get back!). Even worse, the coloring used in the
barbecue sauce is known for staining teeth. If you eat barbecue sauce frequently and
can’t bear the thought of a day without it, you are setting yourself up for a much
higher risk of cavities, tooth decay, and even gum disease. Even if you enjoy
barbecue sauce rarely, your teeth still might be stained as a result.
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