Is Summer a Good Time for New Braces?


Summertime can be a great time to get those much-needed braces.

Getting new braces is never a fun process any time of year, but summer is a

surprisingly great time of year to get the process started. If you or your child is
looking at getting braces in the future, is summer a good time for new braces?

Stress Less
The school year is packed full of many different responsibilities and obligations for
your children. On top of homework, after-school activities, and everything else on
your child’s plate, braces can be just one more thing. It is always much easier to get a
dental check-up scheduled before the school year ever starts than to bump into the
deluge of appointments in the weeks immediately before school starts. Summer is
also ideal for getting braces because your student will have time to adjust (and make
another trip back to the orthodontist) before school begins. Getting braces means an
adjustment period, and that time is always better spent in the summer.
Be Ready for Discomfort
Like we mentioned above, the first few days with braces can be less-than-
comfortable. They often cause minor amounts of pain and might take a while to get
adjusted. It is completely normal for your child to experience pinching, pulling, and
other feelings of discomfort. Summer allows a more open schedule for your child to
adjust, as needed, without additional pressure. Be prepared to purchase lots of ice
cream and sweet summer treats during the first couple days while your child gets
Easier Maintenance
Just about every routine, including your child’s oral hygiene routine, takes a hit
during the stress of the school year. As a result, summer is the perfect time to get
new braces and adjust to a more demanding hygiene routine. The summer will give
your student time to adjust to cleaning after every meal, flossing with braces, and
other tricky situations that are vital to their oral health.
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