5 Easy Ways to Get Kids Excited About Brushing Their Teeth

kids brushing teeth

Make brushing a fun experience you share with your kids.

Parenting can present quite a few challenges. And when it comes to brushing their teeth, kids are not always enthusiastic about doing what they’re told. Nevertheless, proper dental hygiene is a necessary skill for maintaining a beautiful smile and preventing future complications. If you’re struggling to get your kids to brush their teeth on their own, try getting creative with one of these kid-friendly tricks.

Find a Fun Toothbrush

Sometimes getting your children to brush their teeth is as simple as finding a cooler, more exciting toothbrush. Sometimes toothbrushes can look clinical and boring. Your kid might find brushing their teeth more appealing if their toothbrush looks like a dinosaur, race car, or popular cartoon character. Many toothpastes also come in kid-friendly styles, and while it’s all just marketing–it can mean a lot to a child who is just starting to brush their teeth.

Create a Game

As Mary Poppins said, “In every job that must be done there is an element of fun. Find the fun and *snap*, the job’s a game!” Adding just a bit of fun or competition to the act of brushing can transform a chore into your child’s favorite thing to do. Put on your creative gears and make the duller parts of life exciting.

Tell a Story

Kids love stories. Turn a classic fairy-tale into a story about knights with toothbrushes fighting off evil plaque-dragons and saving the tooth-fairy princess. A little action-adventure can help children to understand the importance, and fun–in brushing one’s own teeth.

Make it Rewarding

You don’t have to pay your children to your brush your teeth, nor should you bribe them with sweets (that kind of defeats the purpose). However, something as simple as being able to stay up an extra 30 minutes before bedtime can seem like a big prize. A small incentive can make kids eager to brush.

Brush Your Teeth Together

When all else fails, take the lead. As a parent you are your child’s natural role model. If your kid isn’t seeing you brush your teeth, they’re not going to learn to value it the same way you do. Spend time with your kid and show them what it means to maintain a bright, healthy smile. You might be surprised to find out how much your kid just wants to be like you.

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