How to Improve Your Child’s Flossing Habits

improve your child's flossing habits

Learn how to improve your child’s flossing habits.

Although you are likely already well aware of the importance of establishing a daily brushing routine for your children, are you as diligent about making sure your children are flossing? Flossing regularly is essential for removing food particles that can build up between teeth and the gumline in areas where the toothbrush may not be able to reach. Once your child’s teeth are in contact with each other, you can begin incorporating flossing into their dental routine. To help get your kid excited about flossing, and to establish your child’s flossing habits, use the techniques below. 

Create a Flossing Progress Calendar

You can help support your child’s flossing habits by creating a fun, visual reference for their achievements. You can do this by creating a progress calendar that you can hang on the bathroom wall. Every day after flossing, your child can place a fun sticker on the day to celebrate their achievement. You can even offer an award for an entire month of stickers, like a movie night or a later bedtime, to provide extra motivation. 

Lead By Example

The best way to stress to your child the importance of flossing habits is to make sure it is a part of your dental routine as well. Flossing in front of your child underlines the importance of practicing healthy habits. 

Consider Kid-Friendly Floss

Most dentists will recommend using an 18-inch piece of floss to clean your teeth properly. However, for small hands, this can be difficult. Floss holders specifically made for children can help make your child’s flossing habits easier to maintain. Kids Flossers can come in several fun colors and styles and will make flossing much easier for your child and less of an awkward maneuver. 

Have Fun With It

Transforming flossing from a duty to a fun event can help make your child enjoy the process a lot more. You can get silly and make up stories about evil bacteria that live in their mouth and the floss hero that needs to save the day. Get creative, and let your child tell a story too. This will allow your child’s flossing habits to become a fun part of their day, and not a chore that they put off doing. 

Keep Your Smile Healthy with Affinity

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