Is All Mouthwash Safe For Kids? What You Need To Know

 Learn if mouthwash is safe for your kids.

Learn if mouthwash is safe for your kids.

Mouthwash has many benefits, including keeping gums healthy and preventing the development of gingivitis. While teaching your kids proper oral hygiene is important even at a young age; not all mouthwash is suitable for your child. Learn more about which ingredients to keep away from your child, and how to buy child-friendly mouthwash.

No Mouthwash For Kids Under 6

While mouthwash can be very beneficial for older kids, children under six should entirely refrain from any mouthwash- even if it is labeled as “child-friendly.” Young kids and toddlers are more likely to swallow mouthwash rather than spit it out, because they may not have developed the fine motor control and muscle reflexes yet. For children under six, encourage them to drink lots of water instead, and eat the suggested daily serving of fresh produce. Many fruits and vegetables, such as cucumbers and grapes, increase saliva, which helps to keep your child’s mouth clean.

Alcohol-Free Mouthwash

For children older than six or seven, they can begin incorporating mouthwash into their oral care routine. However, the mouthwash you use as an adult is probably not suitable for your kids. Most adult mouthwash brands contain alcohol, as it kills bacteria in your mouth. This is safe for adults but can be dangerous for kids who may swallow it. Look for child-friendly, alcohol-free mouthwash, or contact your dentist for recommendations.


Mouthwash may not seem like it could be dangerous, but if you child swallows too much or thinks it is a beverage on the bathroom sink, it can lead to serious symptoms. That is why it’s important to supervise your child, at least until they are 12, to ensure they use the proper technique. Watch to make sure the spit out of the mouthwash, and keep it out of reach when not in use. If your child does swallow a large amount, check the label for potentially poisonous products, such as fluoride or ethanol. If the ingredients are listed, all the National Poison Control Center for help to ensure your child is safe. When used correctly, mouthwash is one of the best ways to maintain healthy gums, so take the time to find the right mouthwash and teach your child the proper technique.

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