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What To Do Before And After Your Root Canal

Friday, December 1st, 2017
Continue read for tips on root canal preparation and aftercare to ensure you procedure goes as smoothly as possible.

Continue reading for tips on root canal preparation and aftercare to ensure your procedure goes as smoothly as possible.

Root canals aren’t as scary as you may initially think, but they do require some preparation and aftercare. There are a few things you can do for the days leading up to your root canal appointment that will make the procedure go smoothly, as well as essential aftercare to ensure the tooth heals properly. (more…)

Can I Prepare for My Root Canal?

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017
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If you have an upcoming Root Canal, there are important measures to take first.

When your dentist tells you that you need a root canal, it can sound intimidating. It

really doesn’t have to be. Your dentist has likely performed the procedure hundreds
of times before and it will be done in no time. And with numbing agents, a root
canal is typically no more painful than a filling. There are a few things you can do to
prepare for your root canal that can help it go as smoothly as possible.


Preventing Dental Diseases and Root Canals

Friday, July 11th, 2014

tooth decay“Root canal.” Did you get the shivers? We’d be surprised if you didn’t. Root canals are one of the things that people dread the most about going to the dentist, primarily because the pain of an infected tooth is pretty awful. The idea of getting root canals when you’re young probably isn’t something that you consider very often, but for athlete Jon Salisbury, it became a reality. He’s actually had two from drinking too much Gatorade and a few too many sugary energy drinks. This is becoming a huge problem amongst adolescents and children because there’s so much added sugar in food and drinks today. Preventing tooth decay and disease isn’t difficult, but it does take some thought and preparation.

As far as adolescents consuming sugary drinks for sports are concerned, most experts agree that water will serve the purpose just fine. The main goal of drinking anything during a sport’s game is to rehydrate. Water does a perfectly good job of that all on its own. There are a few other things you can do to prevent decay and infection in your teeth.

  • Brush and floss regularly – I know it seems like we’re beating a dead horse on this one, because you’ve probably heard it a million times, but the importance of keeping your teeth clean can’t be underestimated. You have to get rid of the plaque that collects on your teeth throughout the day in order to avoid decay.
  • Avoid smoking – You should do this for your overall health anyway. Smoking can cause lung cancer, mouth cancer, and worse. It will also yellow your teeth with time. Avoiding smoking will make your breath fresher and your mouth healthier.
  • Have your teeth cleaned – You should see your dentist for a professional cleaning at least every 6 months, depending on your specific dental needs. Some dentists may require that you visit them more often than that to make sure that your teeth remain healthy.
  • Avoid sugary foods – Sugary foods can easily decay your tooth enamel. The best foods to eat are vegetables and foods that are low in sugar and carbs. If you do eat sugary foods, make sure that you brush your teeth as soon as you can.

These tips will help you to avoid decay and tooth diseases, but if you do develop them, you should make an appointment to see your Catonsville dentist ASAP. give us a call at 410-719-7900, visit our website, or stop in to make an appointment!

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