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How Back To School Stress Can Affect Your Child’s Oral Health

Friday, August 31st, 2018
back to school

Learn how back to school stress can affect your child’s oral health.

It’s back to school time in the U.S, as kids of all ages are getting ready for another year of classes and extracurriculars. As we know, school can be extremely stressful for kids, as they not only have to keep up with homework, but also with sports, activities, and having a strong social life. What you may not know is that stress often triggers a physical response that can affect oral health. Continue reading to learn more about how stress affects oral health and how you can help your child cope with stress. (more…)

How Back To School Stress Affects Oral Health

Thursday, September 21st, 2017
Did you know that stress also affects your oral health?

Did you know that stress also affects your oral health?

All of us experience stress to some degree, and some deal with stress more often than others. Stress doesn’t only affect our mind, but it can cause physical symptoms as well. It is widely known that stress causes headaches, tension in muscles or upset stomachs, but did you know that stress also affects your oral health? While people of every age experience stress, young adults in high school and college have the highest levels of stress. As the school season starts to get in full swing this month, learn the effects that stress can have on oral health, and healthy ways to deal with that stress. (more…)

Can Stress Affect My Oral Health?

Wednesday, July 5th, 2017

Staying stress-free can have major benefits to your oral health.

These days it seems like stress is a constant topic of conversation. Some people accept stress

as a daily part of their life and accept the side effects of exhaustion and muscle pain but some
don’t realize the other negative effects of stress. Did you know that stress can have an effect on
your dental health? Today we are going to talk about some things that can happen to your oral
health when you are stressed and ways to offset it.