Why Do We Remove Wisdom Teeth?

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Do you know why some people get their wisdom teeth removed, while some never do?

Many people have had their wisdom teeth removed, but do you know the reasoning behind a dentist’s decision to remove the teeth? While you may know a lot of people who’ve had all their wisdom teeth extracted, some people may have only had two removed, or some may even still have their wisdom teeth as adults. Here are some of the reasons why the teeth are extracted for some people, while others may never need the teeth removed.

Gum Problems

If wisdom teeth are impacted and cause pain and swelling, they will likely be removed. Impacted wisdom teeth crowd other teeth in the mouth and can hurt, but they can also lead to many serious infections and problems. Partially erupted teeth push themselves up through the jawbone and tissue into the mouth, and can lead to infections, cysts or tumors in the gum tissue or jawbone. Also, incompletely erupted teeth can create pockets around themselves, allowing bacteria and food in, resulting in a possible infection.

Damage Other Teeth

As we just mentioned, the pockets around incompletely erupted teeth can possibly lead to infection, and can also result in cavities on tooth roots. If cavities develop on the roots of the teeth surrounding the impacted wisdom teeth, the neighboring teeth will also likely need to be extracted.

Effects Jaw Movement

If your wisdom tooth scrapes against the soft tissue of your mouth and you often bite your cheek, this is a concern that could lead to the tooth being removed. Wisdom teeth shouldn’t affect your jaw movement or chewing function in any way, so if you’ve noticed your wisdom teeth are causing these problems, talk to your dentist right away. Also, if food gets caught under the gum tissue of the tooth and results in painful or swollen gums that you often bite by accident, this is also a reason the wisdom tooth should be extracted.

When Wisdom Teeth Do Not Need Extraction

Wisdom teeth are not removed without reason, so if they are healthy, they don’t need to be removed. If your teeth not fully erupted, and are healthy, positioned correctly (as not to overcrowd neighboring teeth), and functioning properly, you won’t have to get them removed.

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