Should Your Wisdom Teeth Be Removed?

Do you need your wisdom teeth removed?

Do you need your wisdom teeth removed?

Wisdom teeth removal is a common procedure, as many people expect that they’ll have to have their wisdom teeth taken out when they reach the ages of 17-21. However, not everyone needs their wisdom teeth removed, and can go on with their whole lives without any pain at all. Continue reading to learn the most common reasons why wisdom teeth are removed.

Impacted Teeth

Your molars, commonly known as wisdom teeth because they come through at a more mature age, can cause pain when they enter incorrectly. Your mouth may not have enough space for the teeth to surface, or the teeth may come in at a wrong position that causes discomfort. When your wisdom teeth need to be removed, your dentist will probably refer to the teeth as “impacted.” This means that the teeth are trapped in your jaw or under your gums, and will likely need to be removed.

Visiting The Dentist

When you visit your dentist, they will monitor the wisdom teeth in your mouth to make sure there are no issues. For example, they look for signs that the teeth have only come through partially, resulting in a place for bacteria to enter the gums and cause an infection or jaw pain. They also check for impacted wisdom teeth, as these can form a cyst on or near the impacted tooth. A cyst on a tooth is very dangerous for oral health and could damage the roots of teeth or destroy the bone that supports teeth.

Reasons For Removal

While everyone’s teeth are different, there are a few common reasons why wisdom teeth need removal. If a patient is experiencing pain or infections due to wisdom teeth, a dentist will likely suggest removal. Also, patients may suffer from tumors, gum disease, or tooth decay, and wisdom removal may be a primary course of treatment. Before the decision is made, however, your dentist will complete a full examination with X-rays and discuss the best course of treatment with you.

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