At Affinity Dental, we are constantly updating the technology we use to treat our patients in an effort to provide the best level of care possible. From digital radiology techniques, to new advances in orthodontics, to billing and scheduling technology that makes life easier for our patients, we stay ahead of the curve in adapting new and effective technology to improve our performance.

Our modern technology is backed by a dental staff with over 170 years of combined experience. Our comprehensive group practice located at 4 East Rolling Crossroads is a warm, friendly environment that accepts patients throughout the Baltimore metropolitan area with all levels of dentistry needs. We accept most insurance plans and even offer interest-free financing options through several banks.

Air abrasion

Air abrasion removes small sections of decay in an effort to prepare the tooth for sealants or restorations. In this process, tiny particles of aluminum oxide are blasted under pressure through an air compression device onto the tooth surface to remove decay. This technology is useful in dealing with earl decay and can help to preserve tooth structure.

Digital radiography

Digital radiography lets us detect bone loss and decay, similar to an x-ray. The primary benefits of digital radiography over traditional x-rays are that digital radiography exposes the patient to radiation for a shorter time, and that the image can be adjusted for contrast, brightness, and modification to help find even the smallest signs of decay or bone loss.


Invisalign uses 3-D computer technology to create a nearly invisible set of aligners. Each set of aligners is worn for approximately 2 weeks, resulting in small movements to your teeth over time. Invisalign is more cosmetic, comfortable, and hygienic than traditional braces. Learn more on our Invisalign page.


Using the Venus Professional Whitening System, we can whiten your teeth in just one hour in the office. Instead of taking 3 to 6 weeks to whiten your teeth, you now have the choice to whiten them in one hour with Venus! See more details on our cosmetic dentistry page.

Computerized Charts

Our office uses Dentrix Computerized Charts to be able to efficiently document the patient’s record. This ensures patients that we are properly documenting clinical data, diagnosis, treatment plans, progress notes, periodontal charting, radiographs, etc. in a manner that is accurate, efficient and so that everyone can clearly understand your chart.

Additional Office Technology

In addition to the many clinical technological advances in our dental office, the front desk communications, billing and reception area are no exception. We are utilizing a system called Demandforce which allows patients to communicate, request or confirm appointments via email or text. This system is also linked with our website for ease of access for new patients. Our front desk provides an e-billing service. For all patients who wish to enroll, $1.00 is credited to the patient’s account in exchange for receiving an e-bill in place of a paper bill, increasing our efforts to be a "greener" office. In our reception area, we have provided cable television and Wi-Fi for our guests.

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