Pediatric Dentistry

pediatric dentistry Our pediatric patients are very important to us. A lifetime of good dental health begins in childhood.

At Affinity Dental, our motto is quality care delivered with compassion. This philosophy serves us well in the practice of pediatric dentistry, as we are able to make children feel comfortable in a warm and inviting environment. We offer comprehensive pediatric dentistry to patients throughout the Baltimore metropolitan area from our comprehensive group practice located at 4 East Rolling Crossroads. We prefer to reach children early, before cavities develop. We like to informally meet children around 18 months of age. When a parent or sibling is having a check-up, we can introduce ourselves to your child. Your child can see what happens at the dentist, and we can give your child a quick and informal examination. Then, when your child returns in six months, he or she will be much more comfortable for the formal examination and cleaning. Of course, anytime you see a dark spot on a child’s tooth, you should schedule an appointment, no matter what the age of the child. If we do find cavities, we try to enlist the child in their treatment. Most children want to help us "clean the germs out" of the hole in their tooth. By relating to children with understanding and patience at a level they can understand, we find that most children will accept the necessary treatment. Of course, not all children are mature enough to cooperate. Sometimes the necessary treatment is too intense or extensive (even for adults). For those children or procedures, we have different levels of sedation available.

Children’s Oral Health

The staff at Affinity Dental has compiled a list of helpful facts to help you better care for your child’s teeth.

  • Foods the cause tooth decay - Candy and soda are not the only culprits when it comes to tooth decay. Foods that are high in carbohydrates are often problematic as well. Foods that remain as particles inside the mouth for longer periods of time are also problematic.
  • Tooth decay in infants – An infant’s teeth can begin to decay as soon as they appear. The decay may even enter the underlying bone structure and affect the development of permanent teeth. This can be prevented by avoiding long-term exposure to liquids which contain sugars.
  • Sipping a soda for prolonged periods of time is more harmful than drinking a large soda with a meal all at once. The period of time that the soda remains on the teeth is the key factor in causing tooth decay.
  • Brushing, flossing, and fluoride treatments are the best ways to prevent tooth decay. Until a child is old enough to dress themselves and tie their own shoes, it is recommended that the parent supervises brushing. Flossing should be supervised until age 10.

Have concerns about your child’s dental health? Contact us here or call us at 410-719-7900.